About Us


Who are we? Quite simply we have a love for cheese……a love that must be shared!

We have a passion for great tasting cheese and delivering a great cheese experience for all of our customers.

Cheese is one of those foods which brings out great emotions in people – whether being enjoyed on your own with some crackers and nice glass of wine or you're hosting a dinner party for friends and tackling the mother of all cheeseboards.

Here at Cheaze we want our customers to not just eat and enjoy the cheese we send you... we want you to have a great experience!


First of all cheese is to be enjoyed by everyone…..we don’t judge you…….we’re not artisan cheese snobs …if you have a hankering for mild cheddar or cheese with fruit. Great! Cheaze has something for all tastes!

Secondly whilst we love British cheese, we also love other cheeses from round the world…….so expect to try everything from Britain, Europe and beyond in our cheese selections!

Finally... we think that helping you pair, taste, understand, learn and expand your cheese horizons is all part of the cheaze journey!


Any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact page or even view our FAQ page for more information. Also carry on the conversation on Facebook and Instagram @cheazebox. Follow us today for more special offers and Cheaze tips!


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