Celebration Cheese Cake


Looking for a unique centrepiece for your Wedding or Celebration?

Our Celebration Cheese Cake offers a delicious selection of four award-winning cheeses. For just £100 you will receive over 5kg of cheese, perfect for any Wedding, Birthday or special occasion. In this Cake you will receive;


Cornish Yarg (V) 

Encased in a Nettle rind, Cornish Yarg is not only a beautiful looking cheese perfect for any centerpiece, but it also has a rich, buttery and sharp flavour. As the cheese matures, the edible wrap leaves a delicate mushroom taste and develops Cornish Yarg’s unique bloomy white appearance underneath.



A rich and indulgent triple cream cheese with a decadent melt in the mouth texture and deliciously sweet, buttery taste.


Cashel Blue (V)

A semi-soft blue cheese with a natural bloom of mould and an internal creamy yellow paste. The texture of this cheese is firm and crumbly, ripening to a softer and creamier texture as it matures and offers a mild-tangy fruitiness.


Vintage Cheddar Truckle (V)

A delicious mature cheddar truckle with a full and robust flavour blended and waxed into a cobble, offering the perfect top tier to this cheese cake.


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