Cheaze Treats

Our Cheaze Treats box offers a delicious selection of 6 cheeses plus accompaniments to create the ultimate cheeseboard. Perfect for gifting or enjoying as a couple or with friends!


Highland Camembert (V)

Similar in style to Morangie Brie with a springy, white edible rind and smooth soft centre when ripe. Highland Camembert offers a mildly earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness.

NCC Oak Smoked (V)

Created by Northumberland Cheese Company, Oak Smoked featured the delicious Original recipe cheese which is then cold-smoked over oak chippings for 12 hours to develop a bronzed outer core and beautifully smoky taste. Once the cheese has been smoked for 12 hours, it is then matured for 12 months to deepen the flavour. 

Cornish Blue (V)

Produced by the Cornish Cheese Company on Stanfield's Farm in Bodmin Moor, this delicious cheese offers a smoother and creamier alternative to a standard Blue Stilton. Designed to be eaten as a young cheese, Cornish Blue is matured between 8-14 weeks. Offering a flavour profile described as mild and creamy, with a dense texture and buttery richness instead of a salty tang. 

Coastal Cheddar (V)

No cheeseboard is complete with a cheddar. Coastal Cheddar is traditionally matured at Ford Farm in the salty sea for over 15 months. This rich and rugged Cheddar features naturally formed calcium crystals giving it a characteristic crunch and rather sweet aftertaste.

Iberico Cinco Lanza (V)

Produced by the Garcia Baquero, this delicious Spanish cheese features a delicate blend of Sheep, Goat and Cow's milk and is matured for over 16 months. Iberico Cinco Lanza offers a complex flavour profile with a nutty flavour with hints of caramel. 

Jacquin Buchette (V)

Produced in the Loire Valley, in the Berry region of France by the Jacquin Family who have been producing Goat's cheese for over 50 years. Jacquin Buchette is a rindless Goat's cheese with a satisfying nutty and flavour that invades the senses.



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